Web development, Network and Computer Engineering, Data Management, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing

Is an information technology firm into Web development, Network & Computer Engineering, Data Management, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing; We truly believe that there is no replacement for experience and a work environment that fosters collaborative learning.
Experience has taught ComputerFields a great and important lesson: it is worth paying a little more for the project the first time, clearly the cost of rebuilding and re-engineering a second time is very high and can result in days (or more) of lost business.

Web Solution

Every day, organizations struggle with how to best connect people to the information they need. Web Site Management gives you the ability to deliver information directly to clients worldwide with various.

Your presence at the global network-Internet can present your company image at a faster rate; in essence it can deepen your relationship with your numerous clients. The controlled access and integration of content from across your organization provides employees, customers, partners, and visitors with a more dynamic experience for significant business impact.

Our range of Web Develeopment and Management services include :

  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Open Source Platform Management
  • Mobile app Development

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Hardware Solution

Interestingly, today’s businesses depend on networked systems that drives the workability of applications and hardware’s in an organization in providing in no time Data transfer and information flow, although successful management and control of your computer resources in the system environment ensures standardization.
Having good systems management which lies in the circle of Network intelligent and integration, all information technology solutions begins to work together and for you to manage them effectively.

Our range of Network and Computer Services include :

  • Network Design, Engineering and Security
  • Network Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Network Monitoring and Management
  • Network Performance and Auditing
  • Employee Network Monitoring and Reporting
  • Computer Performance and Auditing
  • Sales & Repairs of computer
  • Supply of Computer and Other system accessories
  • CCTV implementation and Management
  • Employee time attendance delopyment

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Data Solution

Effective data management is very crucial for any business that is growing. With the advent of information technology, data can be analyzed and managed using these tools. Several database applications and software programs are available in the market and can be used by companies to manipulate data in real time.

Data management typically addresses the creation of data architecture and is inclusive of the infrastructure, personnel, processes and other requirements for identifying, consolidating and optimizing data assets for efficiency and usefulness

Our range of Data management services include :

  • Data Intergrity, Analysis and Processing
  • Data Recovery and Restore
  • Data Backup and Clouding
  • HDD Managament

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SEO Solution

Search engine optimization is a business strategies, techniques and tactics used to present your website to the all the search website, and this in turn making your website seen and good profit turnover. The search criterion of your site need to be define very well to meet the standard in order to be position well and attracts more visitors.

Email marketing is a better way to reach your potential and existing customer to build a loyalty, getting and making customers to use your services or products. This technology is a good communicating tool to advertise promotional offer and more.

Our range of Search Engine Optimization Management services include :

  • Subscriber Contact List Management
  • Professional Email Layout Design
  • Customized Emails
  • Reach Target Emails
  • Website Subscription Integration
  • Email Follow-up, Tracking and Reporting

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